Nintendo 3DS Screen Protector Kit

Nintendo 3DS Screen Protector Kit

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Product Description

The Nintendo 3DS is the first of it's kind in handheld 3D gaming. To protect the screens on your 3DS from the wear and tear of everyday use, CTA Digital introduces the Screen Protector Kit for Nintendo 3DS. The protective plastic resist scratches, so you can enjoy the freedom of using your 3DS without damaging the screens. The peace of mind that your Nintendo 3DS is protected makes the Screen Protector Kit a must have product. Package includes: Top screen protector. Bottom protector screen. Cleaning cloth. Application card.


  • Protects the screens from scratches.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Perfect fit for the 3DS screens.
  • Completely transparent.
  • Instructions: Clean the screens with the included micro fiber cloth. Carefully peel off the screen protector film. Lay flat onto the screen, starting at one corner. Carefully remove the air bubbles with the application card.

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